RBITC stands for transformational impact on underprivileged and unfortunate and their generations through innovative solutions that are self-sustainable and replicable using our collective resources.

Medical & Health

Blood Donation Camps
Pulse Polio Drives
GEF ( Globe Eye Foundation)
Free Surgeries to upto 100+ poor patients every Year
Spinal Cord Surgeries – 10 per year


Provided comfort station, books, benches and water filters
Sports Meet of multiple rural schools, it was first sports meet
15 Aug – games at few schools were organized
Outings for under Privileged Kids
Needy bright students are chosen and supported every year
School Debate Competition were organized
Sports Meet for HIV Kids

Driver’s workshop

More than 200 drivers trained in class room

25000 Kids RYLA

Dream to Win Theme

25000 Kids (class 9/10th) were trained across Bangalore

The idea is to instill confidence among these kids to dream about goals and achieving them.

Light hundreds of lives

More than 200 Solar Lanterns given
Every Child was given a Solar Lamp

Bank Account for under-privileged Support Staff

More than 500 accounts opened

Secure savings

Interest on savings

Access to financial products -credit – insurance.

Green Dream

100,000 trees in the area

35000, trees already planted

Working with Corporate sponsors, Schools, Government, Neighborhoods and NGO’s

Plastic Free

Drive to stop usage of plastic bags

Competitions to advertise and explain the point

School Debate Competition

Support to Leh Landslide Victims

The Charity Event for Raising Funds for Leh victims

The event was very successful and generated appx INR 100,000/- for Leh victims after taking the costs out