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CoP MN Reddy coming to town!

Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor is excited about bringing Bangalore’s new Commissioner of Police to town. Mr MN Reddy. We are delighted to get this opportunity to engage with him and seek support to resolve some of our traffic/safety issues. But your attendance is important or Whitefield will remain a far away suburb, distant from the minds of the powers that be. So come!

Venue: Jagriti Theatre
Date: 7th Sept, 2014 (Sun)
Time: 11 am.

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Featured Projects

Green Dream

“We have a dream – a Green Dream – a dream shared by many, many others. The dream is to make a difference to the environment by planting trees – and more trees.. In the immediate phase of the project, RBITC plans to plant 100,000 trees and thereby make a major impact on the environment.”

Think about it: thousands of Plumerias, Gul Mohars, Cassias, Rain Trees, Cherry, Mango, Peepul and Neem can make a measurable difference around you!

We are going to do this with your invaluable assistance, under the expert guidance of well-known environmentalists and support of Government organizations.

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon

The humble efforts of a group of 25 like-minded people from RBITC culminated in the first edition of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon on 19th May 2007, jointly organized with Crossover Sports Ltd., the event attracted more than 10,000 participants and was widely reported in India and the world over.

The Bengaluru Midnight Marathon has the unique privilege of being the world’s first midnight marathon and India’s only marathon run at night. A celebration of the innovative and avant-garde spirit of the city, it was initiated in 2007 by the Rotary Club Bangalore, IT Corridor (RBITC) with a view to bring about an enduring impact on society through a marathon’s ability to unite diverse cultures and peoples.