Our Core Area of Focus

Our Mission is to make a transformational, everlasting & sustainable change in the quality of life in Whitefield & neighboring areas.

Health, education and vocational services are the core areas of our focus. Betterment of livelihood by empowering people through education and life skills, and providing services to improve health and well being of the people whitefield and surrounding areas are central to the service projects we aspire to render, in our efforts to enable happiness and progress.

Supporting Education

RBITC since its formation, have been tirelessly working to bring meaningful & transformational change in lives of our generation next coming from financially challenged household.

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Preventive & Curative Health

RBITC is privileged to have renowned Doctors as members of the club and through them RBITC has been able to provide Preventive & Curative health interventions to community in-and-around Whitefield besides carrying out regular preventive health checks of children in its adopted schools.

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

RBITC is sensitive about availability of clean-water and basic hygiene to community it supports and have been carrying out multiple activities towards this focus area.

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Environment & Renewable Energy

RBITC members are responsible citizens and care the surroundings and environment.

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